Dalby Bridge Club Minutes 27/01/2017
Meeting held at 8:45am in the Bridge Club Rooms
Chaired by Vice-President A Taylor

Present: A. Taylor, J. Clark, E. Mahoney, P. Atkinson, M. Atkinson, R. Knight, D. Smith, B. McKay

Apologies: D. Wenham (President), A. Griffiths, M. Keating, J. Speziali, M. Mangold

Previous Minutes were read, moved as correct by R Knight Seconded E Mahoney .Carried

Business Arising

INWARDS — Congresses; Christmas Card — Lorna Smith, Central Pest Control—Christmas message and Scratchie
OUTWARDS — Kim Ellaway, Manager QBA — 2017 Programme; Lorna Smith — Christmas Card
M Atkinson moved the Inward Correspondence be received and Outward be endorsed Seconded J Clarke Carried

Financial Report
— INCOME: Table Fees (Day) $480, (Night) $400; Programs $56; Bank Interest 13cents $936.13
— ACCOUNTS PASSED FOR PAYMENT: Telstra $81.89; Ergon Ernerg $289.57, Telstra $82.11; WDRC Water $93.88
The Report Wrtten by A. Griffiths moved her financial report, which showed a credit balance of $3,387.66, as per Financial Statement December 2016, be received and accounts be endorsed for payment. Seconded M. Knight Carried

General Business

Next Meeting: Friday 10th February 2017 at 8. 45 am

Meeting Closed : 9.25 am

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