Dalby Bridge Club Minutes 19/08/2016
Meeting held at 8:45am in the Bridge Club Rooms

Present: D. Wenham, A. Griffiths, M. Keating, P. & M. Atkinson D. Smith, E. Mahoney, J. Clark, R. Knight, B. McKay

Apologies: A. Taylor, R. Routley

Previous Minutes were read by B. Mckay. Confirmed by M Atkinson Seconded R. Knight.Carried

Business Arising

INWARDS — Congresses, Heather Bradley letter re: last general Bridge Meeting saying she was embarrassed and hurt at some comments made by some members — resigning from the positions of Trainee Director and sending of Cards and Flowers but will still help with catering, washing towels etc. — In relation to this matter, the person involved didn't mean to offend but has apologized to Heather and the apology was accepted.
Secretary to send a letter, on behalf of the President and members, accepting her resignations with regret and thanking Heather for her valuable contribution in these matters.
OUTWARDS — Kim Ellaway, Manager, QBA — newspaper cutting — grant
M. Keating moved the Inwards Correspondence be received and the Outward Correspondence be endorsed. Seconded J. Clark.Carried

Financial Report
— INCOME: Table Fees — Day $550, Night $400, Total $950
— ACCOUNTS PASSED FOR PAYMENT: W.D.R.C. (Gas) $123.12, Telstra $90.50
The Treasurer, A. Griffiths, moved her financial report, which showed a credit balance of $7965.71, as PER Financial Statement July 2016, be received and accounts be endorsed for payment. Seconded M Keating Carried

General Business

Next Meeting: Tuesday 27th September 2016 at 6 pm

Meeting Closed : 9.30 am

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