Dalby Bridge Club Minutes 15/4/2016
Meeting held at 8:45am in the Bridge Club Rooms

Present: D. Wenham, M. Keating, A. Griffiths, A. Taylor, J. Clark, R. Knight, M. Atkinson, P. Atkinson, D. smith, E. Mahoney, B. McKay

Apologies: R. Routley

Previous Minutes were read. Confirmed by D. Smith Seconded J. Clark CARRIED Carried

Business Arising

INWARDS — Congresses, Roger Ley who plays in the Toowoomba Bridge Club — Letter regarding the excess level of noise at our March Congress and also the way in which names were put on some raffle tickets giving an unfair advantage and the way in which the raffle was drawn.
OUTWARDS — D. Wenham, President to reply to Mr Ley's letter.
M. Atkinson Moved the Inwards Correspondence be received. Seconded A. Taylor.

Financial Report
— INCOME: Table Fees — Day $360, Night $320, Yearly Membership (1) $50, Phone Money $17.05, Bank Interest $0.06, Congress — Nominations $2280 — Raffle $407 — Float Rebanked $371.50 [ Congress Profit $1950] Total $3805.61
— ACCOUNTS PASSED FOR PAYMENT: Ergon Energy $281.19, Office Choice Minutes Book $19.17
The Treasurer, A. Griffiths moved her financial report, which showed a credit balance of $3466.54, be received and accounts be endorsed for payment, AS PER Financial Statement March 2016 and accounts moved for payment be passed for payment. Seconded M Keating Carried

General Business

Next Meeting: Friday 20th May 2016 at 8.45 am

Meeting Closed : 9:30am

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