Chapter 8
From Not Everyone Can Claim An Uncle Tom by Grace & Peter Ireland (2002)

Ken and Ruth's Wedding

Uncle Tom's practical jokes sometimes fell flat. Like at Ken and Ruth's wedding.

Tom got busy at Ken and Ruth's wedding (which was held in Toowoomba,) putting tin kettles and toilet paper all over what he thought was Ken's car only to find that the bride and groom got into another car. "Aw gee"!!!!

Imagine our surprise when Peter and I found OUR car with all the decorations on it.

When everyone, except Tom, had left home for the wedding, he decided that as nobody was going to be around the place overnight he'd better do something about locking up.

No one ever locked up in those days.

No keys would fit any of the door locks at "Carlyle", so Tom went to town and bought new locks and keys. He fitted the new locks, locked the doors, and went happily off to Toowoomba. He didn't mention to a sole what he'd done.

Grace on the way to her wedding

Imagine Mum's horror and fury when we brought her home from the wedding to find that she was locked out of her own house!

We eventually broke in and Tom, who was quite unconcerned arrived home about 6 hours later.

I was determined to be early for my wedding.

There was a great rushed exit from the motel when someone realized that the bride was leaving for the church. Where was Tom???

He was eventually found talking to the gardener who was getting the leaves out of the swimming pool.

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