Chapter 7
From Not Everyone Can Claim An Uncle Tom by Grace & Peter Ireland (2002)

Raymond Cutts and his Bike

The Cutts family lived up on "Windy Hill" where Ces and Button later lived.

Raymond Cutts was one of the teenage children of the family and he often rode his bike into Jandowae on a Saturday night to go to the movies too.

On the way home one night, Uncle Tom stopped and offered Raymond a lift. Raymond was putting his bike in the back of the ute when Tom said, "Are you right?"

"Yes" came the reply, so off drove Uncle Tom.

When he stopped at the Cooranga North turn off to let Raymond off, he discovered he had the bike in the back of the ute but no Raymond!

Tom then had to turn around and drive back towards town until he came across poor Raymond walking along the road in the dark.

One year on my birthday while I was teaching at Bell, a parcel arrived. In it was a pair of shoes with a card reading "Happy Birthday with love from Peter."

I immediately wrote a loving note to Peter to thank him for his gift.

Peter was dumbfounded. He knew nothing about shoes. I questioned Cliff Norris who owned the local shoe store and was told old Tom had bought the shoes.

When I mentioned the matter to Tom, he said, "Well Bub,"(as he called us,)" I missed your 21st so I thought I'd catch up with you on your 22nd."

It was my 23rd

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