Chapter 15
From Not Everyone Can Claim An Uncle Tom by Grace & Peter Ireland (2002)

a drawing of Uncle Tom making jam

Tom enjoyed cooking- especially making scones and jam.

His scones were something else!!!! They were as hard as the hobs of hell when they were fresh, and Tom would make them last at least a week.

One day he let the jam boil over and it went everywhere.

Uncle Tom looking old

Mum, who was working in Ipswich at the time, came home for her days off, and spent the entire time cleaning up the jam, which by then had adhered itself to just about everything in the kitchen. It had even found it's way into the oven.

Mum was not impressed, and I don't blame her.

Tom suffered badly from allergies. He often had itchy eyes and a runny nose.

One day I had to drive him and Mum to Toowoomba to see a specialist. We were in Mum's Gemini.

When we got to Dalby, Mum said to stop at the service station as Tom would need to go to the toilet.

Tom said," No I don't."

Mum answered, "Of course you do."

Tom replied, "And I'm telling you I don't!!!!!!"

After further argument we didn't stop. That didn't bother me, as I was embarrassed by the array of handkerchiefs flying in the breeze --- kept in place by the tightly wound up window.

Tom's allergy was bad that day, so as he'd use a handkerchief, he'd hang it out the window to dry in the breeze so that he could reuse it.

"Only a bit of moisture Mum- only a bit of moisture. It'll take no time to dry. "
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