Chapter 11
From Not Everyone Can Claim An Uncle Tom by Grace & Peter Ireland (2002)

Tommy bringing home some 'RED HOT SPECIALS'

Tom couldn't tolerate waste of and kind. Everything had to eventually have a use, so nothing was thrown away. (It's amazing how this trait exhibits itself in the next generation.)

poor Judith

When he came to town, Tom sometimes went out to the rubbish dump to see what "goodies" he could find.

Sue Staines would sometimes say to me, "Saw Tom coming from the dump today."

Once, the "goodies" comprised some partly burnt fence posts, which Tom hoped would make good firewood for the stove. The posts were still smoldering when Tom loaded them onto the back of his Ute. He couldn't shut the tailboard. With the fanning of the wind on the way home, by the time he reached "Carlyle" the posts were all nicely ablaze.

John had been courting Judith for a few weeks when she came for a visit to the farm for the weekend.

Judith was taking a solitary walk out in the backyard. She heard a voice from the outside toilet saying,"Hey Jude. Go tell Mair (Mary) that there's no bum fodder:"

Judith had no idea what Tom was talking about, so she gave Mair the message, and at once was given three rolls of toilet paper to deliver to the toilet.

Poor Jude! ! ! ! ! ! !

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