Gavin Clementson-May 2007
Gavin Clementson
Publican of the Bottom Pub
UNTIL September 2007

E-mail: the

In 2004 I came here to escape the pollution and traffic jams of Brisbane.

I always wanted to own a country hotel, and after looking at places from Tentefield to Gympie—about three hours drive from my elderly mother's home—I decided on Jandowae.

I just exchanged my city house for this friendly 15 bedroom pub.

After winning a degree in Hospitality and Management at the Gatton college of the University of Queensland, and 29 years working in Casinos, Real Estate, Administration, Hotels and Resorts I have at last become an owner.

In August 2007 stated;

"My mother, whom you have met, needs to move to a retirement village. This necessitates my attendance to clear and sell her house and purchase and move her into her selected village. After three and a half years of long hours and minimal days off I also feel inclined to what the kids now call a "gap year" — never been to Europe!


I will think about what's next and keep you informed.


Will be back at least 3 time in the next months for the Footy Tipping parties so may see you then.

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