History Of The Use Of The Name Bassingthwaighte And Its Variations (1682-1837)
From Bassingthwaighte by G B Bassingthwaighte (December 1977)

Date Name Remarks
1682 Bassingthwaite Apprentice in Grt. Yarmouth
1685 Bassingthwart Married at Spixworth
1690 Bassingthwaite Married at Redgrave Suffolk
1690 Bassingthwaite Married at Ilkelshall, Suffolk
1690 Bassenthwhite Married at Homersfield, Suffolk
1701 Basenthwaite Married at Hedenham
1701 Basingwhite Worsted weaver of Norwich
1703 Basingthwaite Worstead weaver of Norwich
1703 Bassingwhite Glazier of Norwich
1706BassingwhiteMarried at St. Mary, Whitechapel
1706 Bassingthwaite Will proved at Norwich
1712 Bassingwaight Married at Weybread Suffolk
1716Bassingwite Married at St. Georges Southwark
1720 Basanwhit Witness to will at Alburgh
1720 Bassingwayte Apprentice weaver in Norwich
1721Bassingthwaite Apprentice glazier in Norwich
1722Bassingthwaitebaptised in Great Yarmouth
Date Name Remarks
1726 Bassingthwaite Baptised Ulverston Parish church
1737 BassingthwaiteWill proved at Norwich
1741 Basingthwait Married at Great Yarmouth
1742Bassingthwaite baptised Great Yarmouth
1744Bassingthwaitebaptised Great Yarmouth
1746Bassingthwaite baptised Great Yarmouth
1746 Basingthwait Married at Great Yarmouth
1747 Bassingthwaite Baptised Great Yarmouth
1749 Bassingthwaite Baptised Great Yarmouth
1749 Bassingthwaite baptised Great Yarmouth
1749 Basingthwait Married at Great Yarmouth
1750Bassingthwaitebaptised Great Yarmouth
1752 Bassinqthwaite baptised Great Yarmouth
1788 Bassingthwaite Married at Brooke
1804 Bassingthwaighte Married at Brundall
1830 Bassingthwaighte Baker at Norwich
1830 Bassingthwaite Baker at Great Yarmouth
1837 Bassingthwhite Lived in Robsins, directory of Chelmsford
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