History Of The Use Of The Name Bassingthwaighte And Its Variations (1477-1677)
From Bassingthwaighte by G B Bassingthwaighte (December 1977)

Date Name Remarks
1477BassinthwayteMayor of Thetford
1493Bassingthwayte Will proved on Prerogative Court of Canterbury.
1561BessenwhiteBaptised Bury St. Edmunds
1564Bessenwhite Baptised and buried, Bury St. Edmunds
1566BessenwhiteBaptised Bury St. Edmunds.
1568Bassyngewhytt Subsidy Rolls of Suffolk.
1569Bassenwhite Baptised Bury St. Edmunds.
1590Bassingwhaite Apprentice Weaver Norwich.
1594Bassingwhite Married at Bury St. Emunds.
1595BassingthwaighteApprentice to Thomas Bassingtwayte
1609BassingthwaighteWill proved at Norwich
1609BassingthwaightApprenticed in Norwich
1612BassingwhiteMarried at Cowbridge
1615BassingwaiteApprentice weaver of Norwich
1616BassingwhiteApprentice weaver in Norwich
1623BassingwaiteApprentice weaver of Norwich
1617Bassingthwaite Married at Westham, Essex
1621Bassingthwit Married at Norwich
1625Bassinwhight Buried at Bury St. Edmunds
1631Basinthwart Married Cathren at Great Yarmouth
1638Bassenthwaightvisited Holland
1639Bassingthwaytevisited Holland
1641 BassingwaiteApprentice of Norwich
1648 Bassingthwaite Apprentice Baker of Great Yarmouth
1653 Bassinghite Cordwainer of Norwich
1654 Bassingthwaite Freeman of Great Yarmouth
1668 Bassingthite Worstead Weaver of Norwich
1671Bassingthwaite Married at Grt. Yarmouth
1677 Bassingthwait Married at Alburgh
1677 Bassingthwait Married at Spixworth
1677 Bassingthwaite Married at St Stephens Norwich
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