Letter From The Uncle Of The Reader At The Library Of Genealogists London (1954)
Note To 'Boyd's Marriage Index', a chapter from Bassingthwaighte by G B Bassingthwaighte

Dear Mr. Bassingthwaighte,
Just how right I am in that heading I am not sure. It may be Mr. Mrs. or Miss; my wife and I are quite curious to know which. We have been touring the Lake District, ending up in the village of Bassenthwaite and noted in the Church Visitors' Book your name, as the spelling is the same as ours, I thought it would be nice just to let you know it had not passed unnoticed.

I have some notes on the Bassingthwaighte from as far back as 1200, and makes quite interesting reading, I have some extracts from the society of Genealogists by my niece who is also interested in the history, which I will pass on to you.

Just a few brief words concerning my self. I am the son of Albert Bassingthwaighte, who was the son of James Bassingthwaighte, farmer of Tacolinestone in Norfolk, the house and farm have now passed into other hands. I would very much like to have met you while you were in England. You may of course know much more about all this than I do. However, I thought it would be nice just to have notes on.

Edward K. Bassingthwaighte,
England, 10th July, 1954.

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