Lake Bassenthwaite from the Hotel

Looking from the Armathwaite Hall Hotel towards Lake Bassenthwaite.

Aerial view of the Armathwaite Hall Hotel

( Aerial view of the Armathwaite Hall Hotel and the Lake, showing the vast quantities of very old Oak trees.)

The Lake District
From Bassingthwaighte by G B Bassingthwaighte (December 1977)

Although it has been handed down through our family, from generation to generation, that we originally came from the Lakes District in Northern England, to date (1977), we have been unable to make a line connection to that area. Perhaps, with further searching in the future, we may do so. Nevertheless, we start in the Lakes District with names and places of interest.

We were also given some information regarding a Coat-of-Arms and Crest but after investigation found it to be incorrect. However, we are still making inquiries.

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